Interesting Options For Your Cremains

The decision to be cremated at a place like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp. is not one made lightly. If your final wishes include this process, you may already know that your cremains will be given to a family member or close friend. However, if you start planning during your lifetime, you can explore the following options for the ultimate fate of your cremains.

Become Part of a Coral Reef

If you've always been a lover of the sea, you might think you'd like your cremains scattered into the sea. However, a more inventive idea might be to incorporate your cremains into a coral reef. Concrete is mixed with the cremains and placed underwater in a manmade reef to act as a new habitat for ocean life. Relatives and friends who want to head to your final resting place can rent scuba gear and go to the part of the reef where your cremains are.

Grow a Tree

Another choice for your cremains is to purchase a special urn that will allow relatives to grow a tree. The special urn comes with a certain variety of seeds and soil, housed above the cremains below. Knowing that your remains are helping grow another living thing may provide some comfort to those you care about.

Make Diamonds

One of the more interesting things you may want to do with your cremains is to have diamonds made with them. High temperatures over some weeks transform your cremains into gorgeous synthetic rocks. If you have a number of children or relatives, diamonds can be way to distribute a bit of you to each of them.

Launch Them

You don't even have to keep your cremains on earth. Some companies offer the chance to have your cremains taken into space. Your loved ones can track your voyage or be delivered a video record of the rocket launch. If your favorite films are those that involve science fiction and space exploration, or you've always loved space, this might be a fitting resting place for your cremains.

Bury Them

A simple solution that you may be in favor of is to take the cremains and have them deposited in a traditional plot in a cemetery. The process will be cheaper than a full body burial. This may be an option if your family has a number of plots and you want to be buried with them.

Whatever you choose, be sure to talk over your choice with your family so that they know what your personal wishes are about your cremains. Working with a crematorium to examine all the options will give you a fuller understanding of what might be best.