Planning for Your Funeral Before You Pass

While none of us really want to consider our own demise, someday we are all going to face it. Instead of putting all the strain on the family, you could plan your funeral ahead of time and, while you're at it, include the things you want in your own service. You could even have a little fun with it and plan some unexpected things into the service and let your friends and family remember you the way you lived. 

Picking a Custom Headstone

Since you are planning your own service, why not take it a step further and pick a custom headstone or marker for your grave site. There are a lot of really special headstones available that can be highly polished or have custom pictures, phrases, or symbols laser etched into them. They are durable and will last for years, so buying one early is never a bad idea.

Picking Out Your Grave Site

Why not take the time to research burial sites and find a location that fits you. Do you want to be laid to rest under a big tree or near a river? Maybe you want your final resting spot to be at the top of a large hill. The options are endless; you just need to find the right cemetery with a spot that speaks to you then buy the site so it is ready when you pass.

Commissioning a Custom Casket

There are a lot of really nice caskets on the market, but if you really want to have fun with it, why not commission a custom design on the outside of the casket? Something fun and related to your personality or life would be great at your service. Friends and family could remember you through the designs incorporated into the wood and you get the last word about who you are.

Taking the Wake to the Next Level

It has long been a tradition among warrior clans that death is celebrated not feared. Often these clans would honor their fallen brothers with a celebration to remember them. You could plan a similar event for your funeral, where you friends and family would be able to celebrate your life rather than mourn your death. It is an alternative that would not work for everyone, but if you have that kind of personality, your friends and family may feel it is the perfect send off. Maybe you want them to crank up your favorite music, crack open your favorite ale, and remember you with a smile and a laugh as you start your journey into the unknown.

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