Celebrate The Life Of A Loved One With These Creative Memorial Service Ideas

Less formal than a funeral, memorial services are specifically planned to make celebrating the life of a passing loved one the primary focus of the event. If you are in charge of planning a memorial service, whether it is at the funeral home, your home, or somewhere else, it leaves a lot of room for you to step in and ensure everyone in attendance gets the chance to recollect on the life of the dearly departed. Take a look at these creative ways to can celebrate the life of a deceased loved one at their memorial service. 

Set up a memory table where everyone can contribute. 

A memory table is basically just a table set up in a central location at the memorial service. People in attendance can bring their own personal, tangible objects that are related to a certain memory of the deceased individual and place them on the table for all to see and appreciate. You can also set up pictures on the table and other objects that actually belonged to the person. Guests can take turns at the memorial service sharing what they have contributed and why it is related to a shared memory of the loved one. 

Allow guests to create a memory guest book for the closest living relatives. 

Instead of a basic guest book with signatures of all in attendance, you can create a memory guest book that holds much more sentimental value. Invest in a binder-type photo album with rings that will allow you to add signature pages between each photo-holding page. Before the memorial service, instruct guests to bring along a photo of either the loved one who has passed away or of the two of them together. When they arrive, they can insert their pictures into the memory guest book and use the neighboring signature page to sign names, give descriptions, or leave a message. 

Serve guests the favorite foods of your loved one or special recipes. 

Food is often a part of a memorial service, but this too can be personalized to celebrate the life of the person passing. For example, you could serve dishes that were the loved one's favorite or even whip up some special recipes that only your loved one made. You could even do a potluck-style event and allow all guests to bring a particular dish that is somehow relative to the foods that the loved one liked or enjoyed. 

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