Crafting For A Cremation Service: Making Something In Remembrance Of A Loved One

When you are preparing for a cremation service, you may feel as though traditional memorial service decorations don't go far enough when it comes to celebrate your loved one's life. More often than ever before, people are taking the cremation service into their own hands and customizing it to be precisely what the lost loved one would have wanted. If the deceased person was a big enthusiast of arts and crafts, it is very appropriate to create a craft just for the service. Here are some things that may comfort you and your fellow mourners, and they are sure to pay tribute to your loved one.

Create Collage Covers for the Cremation Service Program

One thing that can serve both an aesthetic and practical use is a cover for a cremation service program. You may go to a printer shop and make many copies of photos of your deceased loved one through all ages and stages of their life. Go to a second-hand shop and grab magazines that they generally loved to read and ones that have beautiful images that fit the kind of life the person led. Then, cut out the photos and images from the magazines and ones you had printed. Gather glue and two-sided tape. From there, proceed to make unique collages for each cremation service program.

Paint Small Wooden Boxes in Memory of Your Loved One

You may opt to create crafts that you can give as remembrance gifts to fellow mourners who attend the cremation service. One idea for an easy gift that people are sure to keep forever is a small memory box that people can use to store small treasures. Depending on how close you are to the mourners who attend the cremation service, you may opt to give something that belonged to your loved one in each box.

Paint them by choosing your loved one's favorite color, then carefully apply that color to each box. If the deceased person loved a rainbow of colors, you may opt to mix up the colors that you paint the boxes. After applying the coat of paint, let it dry. Next, with a permanent marker, write the loved one's name on the top of the box along with a quote from them or one that they loved. Alternately, you may write something about the person. Use your imagination on this part. It should be a tribute to who the person was and how they lived their life.

Finally, keep in mind that some people may be hesitant to participate in a crafting activity if they are in mourning. Because people deal with grief in vastly different ways, crafting won't be the right choice for everyone, but it can help you heal if you find comfort in crafting and the items that you make in your loved one's memory. What's also great about them is they can be something you keep to remember the tribute and feelings of affection between you and your loved one.