Keep Your Loved One With You With These Cremation Ash Jewelry Ideas

Following the death of someone close to you who has opted for cremation, you may either plan to bury the person's ashes at a cemetery, keep them in an urn in your home, or scatter them in an area that holds special meaning. These three methods of dealing with the ashes are common, but there's another option to consider — having a small portion of the ashes included in various pieces of jewelry. You can speak to a representative at your crematorium about the available jewelry pieces, and ask to have a small portion of your loved one's ashes placed within one or more pieces of your choice. Here are some examples of jewelry that you might find.

Necklace Pendant

There are a variety of necklace pendants available on the market that a rep from your crematorium can place a pinch of ashes inside. Some of these pieces of jewelry look like a small locket, while others can even be shaped like a small urn. The premise is that you'll be able to wear the jewelry and feel comfort knowing that you're keeping a piece of your loved one close to your heart. Some of the available necklace pendants will also have sentimental words engraved on them, while others have a plain design.

Memorial Ring

If you're the type of person who enjoys wearing rings, you can see if the crematorium has memorial rings. There are several such products available on the market, and while they differ slightly in style, they all contain a small compartment at the top of the ring that holds a tiny amount of your loved one's cremated remains. These rings can be bought in several different colors and materials, including gold and silver, so you should be able to find one that suits your personal style. You may also wish to get the ring engraved with the date of the person's death.


A crematory can give you the ability to order memorial earrings that have a small reservoir that can be filled with some ashes. In some cases, you may find a set of earrings that matches a memorial necklace; in other cases, the earrings will stand on their own. These jewelry pieces are available in several different styles and, in many cases, the casual observer would never know about their significance. This means that you'll be able to confidently wear the earrings in your daily life and feel happy about your loved one being close.