Planning for Your Funeral Before You Pass

While none of us really want to consider our own demise, someday we are all going to face it. Instead of putting all the strain on the family, you could plan your funeral ahead of time and, while you're at it, include the things you want in your own service. You could even have a little fun with it and plan some unexpected things into the service and let your friends and family remember you the way you lived. Read More 

Interesting Options For Your Cremains

The decision to be cremated at a place like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp. is not one made lightly. If your final wishes include this process, you may already know that your cremains will be given to a family member or close friend. However, if you start planning during your lifetime, you can explore the following options for the ultimate fate of your cremains. Become Part of a Coral Reef If you've always been a lover of the sea, you might think you'd like your cremains scattered into the sea. Read More