Create And Give A Coupon Book Of Favors To Provide Comfort At The Burial Service

After losing a loved one, friends and family members who were closest to the deceased person may feel a wide variety of emotions. The funeral itself may be an especially trying time for the bereaved. Many people who attend the burial service will probably tell the bereaved to reach out and contact them if they need anything. The problem with that is simple. Someone who is entrenched in grief often doesn't have the mental energy to reach out for help, or they feel like they don't want to burden others with requests.

Provide something that the grieving loved one really needs by being proactive about helping them. Make a small coupon book of favors that you are willing to do for the bereaved person. Present it to the person at the funeral viewing service, then follow up and complete each favor one at a time! Here's how you can create and activate this original gift that will be just what you needed.

Choose the Favors

The most important part of creating this gift is discerning which favors the person most needs. For example, if the person has young children, they may need extra child care and kid-friendly meals. On the other hand, an elderly person who has lost their spouse may need things like the pleasure of your company, help getting to grief counseling appointments, and small, individual meals. If in doubt, you may ask those who are closest to your loved one for recommendations on what they need during this difficult time.

Create and Customize the Book

Once you have chosen your favors, it is time to create the coupon favor book. Keep it tasteful and minimal in design. You don't need something celebratory or even necessarily cheerful. Black, silver, gold, white, beige, or other simple color is best for the cover and interior pages. The cover title can simply express that it is a book of care. Write a simple coupon on each page for a favor that the person is likely need in the few weeks after a funeral.

Deliver Your Gift

Choose a sympathy card for your bereaved loved one. Place the coupon book in the card. Include a note saying how the person does not have to reach out to you to have the favors redeemed. Explain that you will be reaching out with offers during their time of grief. It's very important to then follow up on these promises and deliver them.

Finally, feel free to get creative in the creation and delivery of the book. As long as it is created with care and concern for the grieving person, you are sure to make a personalized present that the recipient will cherish. Be patient with your loved one. Sometimes they may even get a taste of all the stages of grief in one day. As long as you keep showing up and delivering the promised favors, you can be an important part of the healing process, and that is something they'll never forget.