Memorial And Funeral Service Options: The Differences Between The Two

While most people are familiar with the traditional funeral services, few people understand that there is, or can be, a difference between a funeral service and a memorial service. If you have recently lost a loved one and you are hoping for something a little bit more personal than your typical funeral service, here are some of the differences to consider between the two. Location Options Abound A typical funeral service is traditionally held in a church, at the gravesite, or in a funeral home. Read More 

Things That You Can Expect At A Veteran’s Funeral Service

If you have a veteran of the armed forces in your family who has passed away, you'll likely want to move forward with planning a military funeral. The exact elements that you'll include in the funeral service are up to you, but you'll commonly want to honor the life of the veteran in a special way — especially if he or she has died while serving the country. The value that society rightfully puts on veterans means that veterans' funerals can often be different from those of civilians. Read More 

Things To Consider While Planning A Service For Your Cremated Loved One

Planning a service for a deceased loved one can be a somber experience, and even a bit confusing if you're loved one has been cremated. Here are a few things to consider that should help make the planning process a little easier: Should You Plan a Funeral or a Memorial? The body of the deceased is typically present at a funeral, but it's not a requirement, so you'll have to consider whether a funeral is something your friends and family will appreciate without a body present. Read More 

Tips For Planning A Funeral For A Deceased Gang Member

If you have a child who has died as a result of his or her membership in a gang, you may feel a lot of difficult emotions as you work on plans for the funeral. It's likely that many gang members will want to attend the service, and you may feel resistant about this idea because you blame the child's gang affiliation for his or her death. As you move forward through these uncharted waters, it's valuable to confer with your funeral director for guidance. Read More