How To Cope When You Must Be Somewhere After A Funeral

It would be nice if life gave every mourner time off for months of bereavement. Unfortunately, the real world doesn't work that way, and sometimes you have to continue about the business of living even during tragic times. If you have to go to an appointment of some kind after attending a funeral, here are some ways you can be fully present at the funeral while still being able to pull yourself together to go to your next destination after the memorial service.

Nurture Yourself

It can be easy to put yourself last on the day of the funeral, especially when you have the added stress of knowing that you have to be somewhere after the funeral. However, really show up for yourself on such a stressful day. Do the things that help you feel the best, even if that means getting in a bubble bath at dawn's early light. Take the time to indulge in things that help nurture your spirit, so that you feel an extra bit of comfort throughout the day.

Leave It All On The Table

Few things are as painful as attending the funeral for a lost loved one, but don't try to deny your pain. If you try to deny your feelings, they will likely still come out in far less healthy ways. Instead, allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up at the funeral. When you do that, you can leave all that emotion there on the table of grief. That way, it is not bottled up and threatening to come out after the funeral.

Bring A Refreshment Kit With You

When you have to go somewhere after a funeral, be sure to carry a bag with things that will help you switch gears from your grief to the regular world where you are expected to function like a non-grieving individual. The things you bring may include an mp3 layer that's full of your favorite songs, a favorite lotion, a journal where you can express your feelings, a magazine you love to read, a CD of an audio book, or other fun thing that you can enjoy after the funeral.

Finally, keep in mind that you set the tone for what you will accept in your day. Going to an appointment after the funeral may end up being too stressful because it is hard to predict exactly how a funeral will affect you. If you are struggling with your emotions even after trying to do your best to go about your day, try to explain your situation. Many people have lost a loved one, and even business associates are likely to forgive such personal pain. When you follow these tips, you will empower yourself to have the best chance to make the appointment while still honoring your lost loved one. 

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