4 Tips For Planning Your Funeral In Advance

Death is one of the things that everyone must experience at some point in their life, and the funeral expenses are often left to grieving loved ones. However, you can actually make the financial aspect of your death easier on your loved ones. Putting a plan in place before your death is a great way to make the process easier. In this article, you will learn about a few of the things that can be done to make funeral plans while you are still alive.

1. Make Use of a Payable on Death Account

You can completely eliminate the need for your loved ones having to spend money on your funeral. Start saving money in a payable on death bank account to make sure all of the funeral expenses are accounted for. Basically, you can name a beneficiary for the money in the account. You don't have to worry about the beneficiary having any rights to the account until your death. You can also pick multiple people as the beneficiaries of the account if you desire to do so.

2. Contact a Lawyer to Create a Will

A good way to plan what happens after you are deceased is via a will. A lawyer can draft up a will that covers numerous aspects of your life, including finances, your estate, and other assets. You can also put someone in charge of your medical decisions if you are ever in an incompetent position.  You can give one of your beneficiaries enough money in the will to cover your funeral expenses.

3. Opt for Cremation Over a Ground Burial

The most affordable way to have a funeral is via getting your body cremated. You won't have to worry about a casket being purchased and many of the other things that comes with a ground burial. Your ashes can be placed inside of a beautiful urn, which will have a lot of sentimental value. The ashes can be scattered or kept by a family member.

4. Plan for a Funeral Via a Boat Charter

If you opt for a will, you can make one of your final wishes for your ashes to be scattered at sea. Make sure your loved ones are left with enough money to charter a boat for the funeral service. There are actually companies that are in the business of scattering ashes at sea, and your loved ones can use it as a way to have you a nice funeral. The ride of on the boat can also be a good way to relieve stress for grieving family members.