Funeral Considerations: 3 Ways To Honor Someone’s Decision To Be An Organ Donor

The decision to be an organ donor is a generous one that can save many lives. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about organ donation, and some people even fear that the deceased person's funeral will be delayed or disrupted because of organ donation. That is simply not true. Things can proceed as usual with the funeral of someone who was an organ donor, and it is a good idea to honor their wonderful last role as organ donor within the funeral service itself.

Dedicate a Page of the Funeral Program to Talk about the Organ Donation

Nearly everyone who attends the memorial service will want a funeral program, and people will often save the program. It's a great way to spread the word about organ donation. Dedicate a page near the front of the program to honor the loved one's decision to be an organ donor and discuss all the lives it can save along with the overall good it can do. You may also want to include details on how people who attend the funeral can sign up to be an organ donor themselves.

Mention the Reasons for the Organ Donation in the Eulogy

Talk to the person who is giving the eulogy about including information about the organ donation. It should be included simply as part of describing who the person was, what a big heart the person had, and why they made this important decision for their last act. Since the eulogy offers a personal look at who your loved one was, having someone talk about organ donation in it can be a great way to open people's hearts to the idea.

Encourage Guests to Sign Up to Be an Organ Donor in Your Loved One's Memory

Flowers are traditionally given after a death in many cultures, but more people are asking for sympathy gifts in the form of donations to charities or fundraising pages. If your loved one was especially passionate about organ donation, you may also talk to guests about the possibility of signing up to be an organ donor themselves. That would be an excellent way to honor the memory of someone who is passionate about organ donation.

Finally, keep in mind that the decision to be an organ donor is one to be celebrated, but some people may struggle with accepting the idea. Focus on why you want to honor that decision the deceased loved one made and reiterate the reasons why you are proud of it if someone challenges your choices with the funeral.

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