Planning Ahead: 5 Advantages Of Prearranged Funeral Services

Many people respond reactively to a sudden death. By doing this, they can end up paying far more for a funeral than they should. One way to save money on a funeral, and to make sure it occurs properly, is to prearrange it. Here are five reasons why you may find prearrangement beneficial to you and those you leave behind.

1. Your Funeral, Your Way

One benefit of prearrangement is the ability to make your funeral wishes known. No one will have to guess at what you may have wanted or how you wanted things to transpire.

This can also play a part in your overall will or estate planning. Prearrangement also helps if you anticipate you won't leave behind someone who can take care of a funeral, such as a child, or someone with a disability.

2. Freeze Costs at Today's Prices

When you prearrange, you will fund some or all of your funeral expenses in advance. No one will have to worry about sudden price increases, or fees when it's time for the funeral service. For example, inflation will almost certainly occur, so funding a funeral now will definitely save future money.

You can often make payments on prearranged funeral services. You won't have to pay for it all right away. If you think you can't afford prearrangement, speak to a funeral home about a payment plan.

3. Lift a Heavy Burden Off the Shoulders of Your Loved Ones

Maybe the largest benefit of prearrangement comes with knowing you're not leaving the expense of your funeral for somebody else. Arranging a funeral while grieving can take a toll on someone you love. That's outside of the possibility of heavy financial strain. It also curtails the possibility of emotional overspending.

4. Protect Your Assets

Along with lifting the financial burden off others, a prearranged funeral also protects your assets. Sometimes, the cost of a funeral can come out of a life insurance plan or other assets you would want to leave to your beneficiaries. Instead of having that gift diluted by funeral costs, your beneficiaries can receive the entirety of it the way you intended.

5. Open Up Dialogue with Your Loved Ones

Because you're planning ahead, you have a golden opportunity to have an important discussion with your family. Making your intentions known will open dialogue on a subject many people are uncomfortable talking about.

To start with prearrangement, you should speak to a funeral home that offers that service. They can help you figure out all the details. At the very least, they can help you to understand further why prearrangement is a benefit to you and yours. For more information, contact a business such as Fox John J & Sons Inc