Why Cremation May Prove To Be The Optimal Choice

Whether you are navigating through your own estate planning, or helping a beloved family member with their final wishes, it is important for you to consider all of your options.  While some people may believe that a ground burial is the ideal choice, you may be unaware of the benefits of opting for cremation instead.  Aside from the obvious advantage of a less expensive fee, cremation offers other advantages that you should definitely take a second look at. Read More 

Tips For Finding The Money To Prepay For Your Funeral

You usually don't think about funeral expenses until you have to, like when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. At this time in your life, you are ready to make end-of-life preparations and if possible, prepay for your funeral costs to take that burden off your loved ones. Making funeral arrangements and buying headstones are costly ventures. The average funeral can costs over $7,000 dollars, not including the monument. If you need money for your funeral expenses, you do have options. Read More